Jan 14 2020

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Harris County Appraisal District

Harris County homeowners who suffered damage from Hurricane Harvey can report damage to HCAD through its upgraded app available for Apple or Android phones. You can also report damage at 713.812.5805 by providing your name, address, phone number and account number, if you have it, along with the type of property damage and amount of water you received. You can also email that information to [email protected] . Reporting property damage now will help the appraisal district identify the most damaged neighborhoods and properties to help homeowners next year when property is reappraised.

Homestead exemptions are free. There is no charge to file, receive or maintain a homestead exemption. In fact, you can apply for a homestead exemption quickly and easily with the HCAD app for Apple and Android phones.

HCAD has become aware that homeowners are receiving official looking letters that claim their homestead exemption has expired and that property taxes will be raised unless they pay a fee to the appraisal district to have the homestead reinstated. This is a scam.

HCAD will never charge you to file or maintain your homestead exemption. You can easily check your account online at any time to verify the homestead exemption is in place – your account will either say “Residential Homestead” or “Multiple” if you have more than one exemption. If you have a question, please email the appraisal district at [email protected] or call our information center at 713.957.7800.

Hearing Reschedules

If you need to reschedule your ARB hearing or informal meeting, please call 713.812.5860 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. HCAD will be open Tuesday, September 5. If you are scheduled for a hearing or informal meeting the week of September 5, you are welcome to call to reschedule because of the flooding. All ARB hearings and informal meetings scheduled between August 28 and September 1 are automatically being rescheduled. Agent meetings and hearings scheduled from September 5 through September 8 will be moved into early October.

Does Damage From The Recent Flooding Affect My Property Value?

Many homeowners in Harris County have experienced property damage due to Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that followed. As a courtesy, we want to remind you that the appraised value of your property for 2017 is set based on the home’s condition as of January 1 of this year. We appraise property every year on January 1, so recent flood damage to your home that is not repaired by January 1, 2018, may be reflected in next year’s value. If you have already filed a protest and have not yet had your informal meeting or ARB hearing, please be aware that the recent flooding will not affect the taxable value of your property for this year. Under the state tax code, property reappraisal is not done after a disaster unless requested by one or more taxing jurisdictions.

290 Construction Closure Alert

The Hollister/Tidwell westbound exit on US 290 is closed until late November because of ongoing highway construction. If you are coming to HCAD from the direction of 610 North, use the Bingle/Pinemont exit and proceed on the westbound feeder road to Hollister to U-turn onto the eastbound feeder to 13013 Northwest Freeway.

Consider using Langfield Street and parking behind the HCAD building instead of in front. Changes in the exit ramp location have caused traffic congestion in front of the building.

Search a property

Property Search

Property information is available online for your convenience. You can search by account number, property address or owner name for real property information (such as land or buildings) or business personal property information.

Search a property

Online Services

HCAD is pleased to offer online services so you can conduct some of your business with us from your home or office. With our online services you can file a protest, a rendition or access our public data site. You can also electronically file your residential homestead exemption and access your personal account information.

Search a property


This is where you can find property tax-related forms and instructions for downloading and completing the latest versions of those forms. You will find a list of the most popular forms as well as a list of forms by category.

Search a property

Search a property

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