Jan 14 2020

Find a real estate agent, find a real estate agent.

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find a real estate agent

HomeGain is where Real Estate professionals connect with home buyers and sellers. Prospects searching for homes or wanting to sell their homes are captured and passed onto our partner Agents as Enhanced Clicks . Agents manage their supply of Enhanced Clicks via a simple online interface accessible from both desktop and mobile.

Find a real estate agent

What is an Enhanced Click ?

Enhanced Clicks are visits to an agent’s website from potential clients who have expressed interest in buying or selling a home. Every Enhanced Click originates with a client choosing to buy or sell and entering their zip code. After taking this action, the prospects are directed to your website as an EnhancedClick . Today all top agents are using some form of this technology HomeGain has simplified it even further to let agents focus on what they do best sell homes!

Find a real estate agent

Find a real estate agent

What is a Qualified Lead?

For agents who prefer to work with leads versus driving visitors to their own site, we offer Qualified Leads, which includes the contact information of the home buyer or seller expressing interest in buying or selling a home. It s that simple! These prospects who are interested in speaking with a live agent are sent within minutes to your inbox.

Where do HomeGain Enhanced Clicks and Qualified Leads come from?

Prospective buyers and sellers will visit one of our websites directly or find us on Google, Bing or Facebook. A prospect becomes an Enhanced Click or Qualified Lead by completing a form on one of our various Real Estate websites.

Find a real estate agent

Find a real estate agent

How much does HomeGain cost?

Agents work on a performance-based model. The agent pays only for clicks that were sent to their site within the geographic areas the agent specifies. Agents can also pay per lead, for those who opt for leads versus Enhanced Clicks .

How do you receive Enhanced Clicks ?

Enhanced Clicks are directed from the page where prospects enter their zip code to your specific Real Estate website that you define on the HomeGain dashboard. Enhanced Clicks are sent to only ONE business URL.

Find a real estate agent

Find a real estate agent

How do you receive Qualified Leads?

All Qualified Leads are also stored in the dashboard for retrieval at any time. Qualified Leads can be sent to up to 4 agents, however the company average is less than 2.

Your feedback is extremely important to us

HomeGain takes feedback on the leads we provide very seriously. With every lead we send, we ask for feedback so that we can insure you are getting the best and greatest.

You will receive invitations to rate your lead in your lead texts, emails and within the lead dashboard we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible.

Please provide feedback.

Find a real estate agent

Find a real estate agent

How can HomeGain help your business?

HomeGain can add to your contact base a steady stream of real-time inquiries from buyers and sellers who match criteria set by you. You can receive clicks in less than 5 minutes, from highly-targeted prospects who confirm their intent to buy or sell, as well as their zip code. This allows the Agent to geo-target down to even the zip code level, with 100% accuracy.

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